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At Dynex Construction, our goal is to work in conjunction with your team ensuring a successful partnership from start to finish.

Our industry-leading services are designed to see your project from idea to completion, guaranteeing your schedule/timeline and criteria are met without compromise. Our team works strategically to ensure your expectations are not only met but exceeded upon project completion.


At the beginning of every project, any and all details are extremely important to maximizing your investment. We work with your team from start to finish in order to achieve the results you need to be successful.


As soon as the construction phase is ready to begin, we’ll provide our industry-leading service and quality. Our group of skilled professionals will work seamlessly with your team members, managers, and designers to ensure a seamless job from start to finish.


Our health & safety officers ensure all regulations and safety measures are not only met, but they are firmly kept in place. Routine safety checks and meetings are held on-site to guarantee all procedures and methods are followed by all contractors, visitors, etc.


We strive for exceptional quality during every step of our process, ensuring your project exceeds expectations and maximizes your investment. Our unique and detail-orientated approach guarantees the project budget, schedule/timeline, and criteria are met without compromise.

Full Service List

At Dynex Construction, we firmly believe that the success of a project is critical on the effort put forth leading up to the start of construction.

By understanding the unique needs and challenges of our clients, we immediately apply our extensive experience and expertise to best suit your needs. We offer a wide range of construction services including but not limited to:

Stream Restoration

At Dynex, we’re experts in the construction and stabilization of streams and rivers. By revegetating areas, we minimize erosion, improve water quality and restore wildlife habitats.

The goal of Stream Restoration projects is to restore the natural state and function of the stream or river to support biodiversity, flood management and landscape development. The restoration of streams also slows down and/or prevents future channel bank and bed erosion and failure, which is essential to protecting adjacent structures and utilities.

Stream Restoration techniques may include the construction of vegetated buttresses, brush layering, armourstone retaining walls, armourstone/ roundstone rib structures, riprap/ roundstone lined channel bottoms with pool and riffle sequence, rootwad bank protection structures, crib wall bank protection structures and cross-vane structures.

Dynex Construction has been restoring streams and rivers for 30 years and has the resources and experience required to meet all your stream restoration needs!

Erosion Control

Dynex Construction has experience in the construction of a variety of products to help reduce the erosion process.

The purpose of Erosion Control is to prevent and control wind or water erosion in river banks, construction sites, agricultural areas, land developments and coastal areas. Effective erosion controls handle surface runoff and are essential to preventing water pollution, soil loss, wildlife habitat loss and property loss.

Dynex has experience in the installation of cable concrete erosion control mats, gabion baskets, geoweb cellular confinement systems, interlocking blocks (Turfstone, Geoblock, Terrafix Blocks, etc) and erosion control mats.

Storm Ponds

Dynex will construct Storm Water Management Ponds on a “turn Key” basis, if you require, or we will provide you with excavation, water control structures, or hard and soft landscaping services.

Stormwater Management Ponds help in reducing localized flooding, control erosion by limiting the amount of stormwater that goes to nearby creeks and rivers, improves water quality by allowing sediment and solids in stormwater runoff to settle to the pond bottom.

Services related to Storm Ponds that Dynex provides include the removal of sediment buildup in existing pond bottoms, excavation and construction of new ponds, riprap features such as outfalls, forebay berms and spillways, access roads, seeding and plantings.

Dynex Construction Inc. is the proud builder of several Storm Ponds across the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding regions.

Shoreline Revetments

Dynex Construction has been constructing revetments for over 30 years to protect and stabilize shorelines.

Revetments are sloped structures installed along the shoreline to absorb the energy from incoming water and to protect existing infrastructure.

Dynex has experience in the installation of armourstone and riprap shoreline revetments.

Dynex has completed Shoreline Revetment projects along Lake Ontario and the Grand River.


At Dynex Construction Inc., we can install liner systems to meet your requirements.

Geosynthetic Clay Liners is one of the typical liners installed by Dynex. Geosynthetic Clay Liners are comprised of a bentonite layer sandwiched between two geotextile layers and can used for a variety of environmental containment applications.

Dynex has installed Liners to line the base of ponds and as a contaminated soils containment barrier.

Slope Systems

Dynex Construction has experience in the installation of a wide variety of reinforced slope systems.

These systems are used to increase the soil’s resistance to erosion and to protect the slope from erosion.

Examples of Slope Systems installed by Dynex include mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) wall systems, reinforced soil slopes (RSS), geotextile bag walls and soil nailing.

Over the years Dynex has established good working relationships with many of the suppliers of these systems and has gained the recognition of being a qualified contractor.

Retaining Walls

Dynex can construct several types of retaining walls, which are used to stabilize embankments and prevent the effects of erosion.

Retaining walls are structures designed to restrain soil to a slope that it naturally wouldn’t keep to. This allows for a change in the ground elevations between the two sides of the structure.

Dynex Construction has experience in the installation of Armourstone retaining walls, Gabion Basket retaining walls and Pre-cast Walls. These walls have been installed along roadways, channels, residential subdivisions and parks.

Design & Build

Contract RSD14-140 Riverhead Slope Stabilization Project Design-Build Services for the Construction of an MSE System.

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